Helping your child explore careers

When it comes to your child and her chosen career path, the more informed she is about possible career options, the better her choice of career would be. So how would you go about helping your child explore careers and make the right choices.

These 6 pointers could be the answer you were looking for.

  • Asking questions come naturally to children. And use this to good effect. Encourage your child to meet people who work in varied fields. And let her find out:
    What they do in a typical day?
    How they decided on that particular career?
    What skills or training one needs for this career?
    And most importantly, what they like most or least about their work?
  • If you work in an office which has the Get your children to work-place day, then make the most of it. Make sure you bring your children every time. The more they see of a working environment, they better framed about their choices they would be.
  • Career fairs are yet another place to take your child to. Especially to get the child to know more about people from a range of fields & jobs and understand what kind of education and training you need for that work. Even if the child is too young, career fairs would give you an opportunity to spend time with your child and explain to her the various careers represented.
  • As children grow up, encourage Internships and work-based learning. Your child could explore career interests while gaining academic credit, especially in some of the new international schools.
  • Vocational classes are a good option too. Your child's high school may offer vocational classes in a field in which he or she is interested. This is a good way for him or her to get hands-on experience with the tools and skills used in that field.
  • Encourage participation in Field Trips. Your child can participate in school field trips or you can arrange a field trip on your own to a business or organization in which he or she is interested.
  • Above all, remember that the choice of a career is a personal decision. Avoid steering your child to a particular career just because you think it is right. And be aware that your child may change his or her career interest as he or she is exposed to more careers. As a responsible parent, you need to continue to encourage your child as their career choices change. Remember, the more informed he or she is, the better his or her career choices will be. And at the same time, the more planned you are, the more closer you would be to fulfil their choices.

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