5 ways to enable your child's future

Parents need to be part of every child's life with a purpose - to nurture and to motivate, to clarify and to connect and thus to challenge the children into realizing their dreams.

And here are 5 ways you could enable their future.

  • Tell your children you are proud of them. High self-esteem, combined with hope for the future help build positive identity. To lay the foundation for a strong sense of self-worth, notice and praise your children everytime you see them doing a good job. Encourage them to spend their time doing things at which they feel successful and valued.
  • Listen to your children And the way to listen is infact through a conversation. Make it a habit to talk with your children about everyday stuff. Ask about their ideas and opinions regularly. Only when you show them that you are really interested in what they think and feel, will they be comfortable about opening out to you.
  • Help your children understand what makes them special. Dont hesitate to share with them what you observe about their strengths and interests. Probe their unique interests to better understand them. Consider their favorite games, books, school subjects, toys, activities, and make believe. Spend time to understand how they learn best - is it through reading, talking, or doing? And once you know this, help them use this technique to develop their special abilities.
  • Recognize that your children are unique and so would their career choices As parents, most of us expect life to follow a predictable path, which is perfect in our eyes. However, career development is a process, and everyone does it differently. Realise that each child learns and develops at different speeds. Talking about the positive aspects of these differences will help your children express and cherish their uniqueness.
  • Be involved in their school work When you are involved in your children's education, they will achieve more regardless of your economic status or educational level. Your children need to see that you care about how they do in school. And the earlier the better. Be a partner with the teachers and school staff in supporting your children's education. The dreaded PTA meetings might just be the best thing which has happened to you.
  • Keep your involvement positive and proactive. And keep in mind that in the end the career decision is each child's, not yours, to make. If you are listening, observing, and being involved, you will understand their paths and will want to be a part of making their dreams reality. And while you are doing that, set aside some time to DoYourHomework and plan towards enabling your children's future.

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