10 steps to ensure you don't sacrifice growth for comfort while parenting.

The most important thing as a parent is never to sacrifice chidren's long-term growth for short-term ease.

And here follows ten things to do to ensure long term growth.

  • Talk over the issues you wish you would have known about being an adult.
  • Encourage them to try their hand at things that stretch them and occasionally even fail.
  • Discuss future consequences when they fail at mastering certain assignments. While its okay to fail, they need to realise the consequences too.
  • Help them in matching their abilities to real-world problems.
  • Encourage them to try their hand at projects that require patience. This would help them learn about delayed gratification.
  • Life is about choices and trade-offs; teach them at an early age that they can’t be expected to do everything.
  • Initiate adult tasks like managing money, paying bills and encourage deal making behaviour.
  • The best mentors for them exist in your own network of friends and family. Introduce them to potential mentors and encourage them to ask questions.
  • Vision boards are best in helping them envision a fulfilling future. Help them build one and then discuss the steps to get there.
  • Celebrate progress at every stage of their life.
  • So while you ask yourself the question of how best are you as a parent, it's time you also ask yourself the question - Are you sacrificing their long-term growth for short-term ease.

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